To Connect or to Disconnect

To connect or to disconnect,

That is the question.

And a choice present

In every moment.

Whether to open the mind

To that unknown,

And countenance ideas

Other than your own.

Or to retreat into the ego;

That pseudo-safe solitary place,

Whose impenetrable walls,

Built of nobbut belief,

Grow stouter and taller

With every retreat.

Whether to open the heart,

And let love flow,

In all its guises, to and fro:

Peace, compassion, joy, kindness,

Connecting with Self in others’ likeness.

Or to succumb to unlove’s blindness.

Shunning, scorning, skulking away.

Fearfully fumbling in those dark and desolate depths,

Sightlessly searching in vain and desperation

For a separate self that does not exist.

To open the arms

And embrace.

Or to fold the same

And falsely-faced,

Keep your distance;

Guarding your space.

To witness with wonder.

Or to warp experience

With wefts of thought.

Rejecting what is,

Wanting what ought.

To connect or to disconnect,

That is the question.

To know thyself or the ego’s projection.

To connect or to disconnect,

It is your choice;

Whether to heed the soul or the ego’s voice.

To connect or disconnect,

What will you do?

Which you will you choose,

To be you?