That Seen In The Diamond

There is that known to mind

Not born of mind.

Rather brought to mind,

Having been known

In a realm apart from space and time.

That known in an unbounded paradigm,

Which is no paradigm.

And from an eternal perspective,

Which is no perspective.

When brought to mind,

Thus limited by space and time,

By perspective and paradigm,

Casts but a shadow

Of the dimensionless thing which is no thing,

Of more dimensions than mind can conceive.

The enlightened mind illuminates the shadow,

Exposing and uncasting as illusory

The diversions and paradoxes lurking within,

Revealing the essence of that known in a higher realm.

Yet word is contrived by unenlightened mind,

Limited by the illusion of duality,

Fettered by linear thought,

Inapt to define that not thus confined.

Hence when that unbound, by word is bound,

Resurrected are the diversions and paradoxes

Beheld in the shadow.

Illusion created by illusion.

Confoundingly real to the mind

That does not know itself illusory.

Thus that the Bhagavan, the Sugata,

The Tathagata, the Arhan,

Limited by word, impart his knowing,

He tells then untells.

He speaks then unspeaks.

He declares then undeclares

That seen in the shadow.

That the impartee put it to mind,

Thence discern the essence.