Schrödinger’s Pillow

For the sixth morning

Since receiving my buckwheat pillow,

I awake just before sunrise.

As dawn breaks

For the sixth time,

Slowly yet inevitably

It dawns on me:

I cannot Feel Pillow.

With sun,

Rises Realisation:

Without moving,

I can not Know Pillow Be.

Though Body Knows pure Peace,

For not Feeling Pillow,

Body can not Know Pillow Be.

Mind Reasons Pillow Be,

Remembering head and neck

Resting upon Pillow last night.

Reason is not Know.

Ego Demands what Mind Reason True.

I Know Ego’s Demand Untrue.

Mind Reasons were Pillow not,

Body would not Know Peace.

Pillow cannot be Known,

By absence of Knowing

That it Be not.

Were Body to move,

State of Pillow

Would be Known,

By Body and by Mind.

Body does not move.

Mind quietens,

Joining Body in pure Peace.

I join Body and Mind,

In pure Peace.

Head and neck resting

Or not resting,

On my quantum buckwheat pillow.