My Light

My light is mine.

Though whilst being mine

It is not of me,

Rather within me the divine.

It is mine in as much as

It’s mine to share.

As I choose.

As I care.

When given freely

There is no loss,

No depletion.

For when received

Without want

Without need,

The divine in me shines

To my light’s repletion.

It is mine is an much as

When taken from me

It is stolen.

When taken from me

By force or coercion

Or any of the myriad forms of theft,

My light dims.

And the divine within me cannot shine

To fulfil me.

For it is bereft:

Weakened and sad

By greed.

By the need to take

What was given to give,

Not be had.

So please be gentle

With me,

With my light.

Allow me to shine

As bright as I might.

And if I shine upon you

My light is yours.

But don’t ask or want,

Need or implore.

For then my light dims

And I shine no more.