Judgement, Separation, Suffering

Judgement, separation, suffering,

Are all one and the same.

Only in language,

Born of linear mind,

Are they distinguished by name.

As you judge, you distance yourself

And at the same time suffer the pain,

That is judgement,

That is separation;

All three are one and the same.

There is no cause

And no effect;

One does not lead to another.

You will experience this if you pay heed

When you next judge, disconnect and suffer.

Contemplate this, experience this,

Until unto you it is known,

That judgement is separation is suffering;

That truly they are one.

With this knowledge embodied,

Of suffering you can choose to be free.

For by accepting and embracing,

You’ll know that you and me,

And he and she and it and they

And all else are connected,

And that suffering can only be known

When this truth is rejected.