It’s all about essence,


Whether perceived as matter

Or perceived as energy.

Really doesn’t matter,


Born of perception

Is the deception,

The fiction,

The claim

Of distinction

Betwixt the twain.

Knowing the distinction

Born of perception

Is a deception

Makes plain,

That the deception

Is the perception.


It’s all about essence,


We know we are deceived

For paradoxes we perceive.

Light we observe

As both particle and wave.

Why need that disturb?

It’s only grave,

If we’re so absurd,

So rude

To pretend,

To conclude

What we see, true.

'Tis the hubris of the mind

That keeps us so confined.

The ego’s need to self define,

To believe the fantasy it sees.

To pretend the deception of perception


It’s all about essence,


Whether it be perceived

As matter or energy,

Distil it.

And distil it: a gain.

Distil it: a gain

A gain and a gain.

And you dis-cover

You de-nude

A quintessential gain:

Of essence,

Knowing you obtain.

But what alambic

Do you choose

To distil to quintessence,

To distil until Truth?

The mind doesn’t serve

For as we observe

It’s mired in the deception,

Of perception.

The gut and heart,

They have their function:

Power, belonging,

Love and compassion.


They gather their data

In their own fashion.

They do have clout,

But they can’t figure out

What it’s all about.

So by process of elimination,

With no-way else to turn,

There’s nothing left but that which is right.

And with linguistic trick,

Yet not of hand or mind a slight,

And with a digital click,

We end our quest.

For in consciousness

Doth our alambic rest.

Is that tautological?

Alambic and rest

Both equal to still.

Shove it up your consciousness

For an answer,

If you will.

So how do we connect to consciousness

Oh, philosopher,

Oh, bard?

Ha, ha, ha,

That’s my self-deprecating humour.

I’m but a simple lad

At gut and at heart.

I don’t have all the answers

But can point towards the feast.

Look towards the sunrise.

Turn from the west,

Towards the east.

That’s three to-wards in one stanza,

Giving a total of six.

Now, these six words remember,

Whenever something contradicts.

Irrespective of the connection

To consciousness,

Your still,

Hold the essence of these six words

In your mind

And allow it to still:

It is all about essence,